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New Self Storage Interior Hallway Today we are faced with increased rent costs not only for our homes but even more critically for our business and because of this self storage and mini storage facilities are becoming more and more popular for storage of important business documents that are critical to our business and need to be kept for legal reasons.

Store Your Business Records In Self Storage

With property rentals climbing, you have options to consider when you're looking for record storage and a self storage unit could be the key to your ongoing storage needs. Even a facility that might seem too large today can benefit you in the long run. Businesses large and small have record keeping requirements that are self imposed or even posed by the states where we do business.

Self Storage Could Save Your Business $1,400 Per Month

Consider the expense that would be involved in renting additional office space to store records. You could easily spend upwards of $1,500 a month to rent additional office space for the mere reason of storing records or you could spend $100 or less a month to rent a self storage or mini storage unit to store those same records.

Business Records Are Safe In Self Storage Facilities

One of the advantages of self storage and mini storage units is that they're often less subject to water, fire and environmental damages that can occur in an office environment. Most mini storage and self storage facilities offer air tight or very protected environments where as office buildings are largely open to the elements of air pollution, have a higher potential of break ins (causing records to be destroyed) and may have a higher potential of fire or water damage that simply are less common in self storage and mini storage facilities.

Save Your Valuable Office Space For Business Expansion

You can easily chose to store outdated records in your current office of course, but the fact of the matter is that they can take up valuable space that prevents you from expanding your in house employees, setting up additional waiting areas for clients and even adding additional computer equipment. You certainly have the option of renting additional office space but the bottom line is that it's far more cost effective for you to rent mini storage space or self storage space than it is to rent additional office space which will result in you needing to pay not just additional rental expenses but also heating expenses and electric expenses.

Keep Your Home Office Free From Paper Clutter

If you're a small business owner and you work from home, self storage facilities and mini storage facilities can be a huge advantage for you as well. You have a limited amount of space to store records in your home and if you're in a paper intensive business you can easily find yourself buried in mountains of paperwork that you simply don't need to have on a day to day basis but need to have for tax purposes, for recording purposes or for legal purposes. You have the option with self storage to file all of these important records into a container that is clearly marked with time periods and these records remain as accessible to you as if they were in your home office!


Don't overlook the benefits that self storage facilities offer your business whether you're a small business owner or a major corporation. In the long run, these types of storage facilities will save you money as well as protect your records. Want to learn more? Read all about self storage and your business.