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Outdoor Mini Storage White Doors We've already discussed some of the various ways that self storage can save your business money and space especially for small business owners. There are however some businesses that can obtain direct benefits from having a mini storage unit that serves entirely as a location for archiving records. Each state has specific regulations about record retention whether you're in the financial services business, you're a medical professional, an architect or even an engineer. Unfortunately for many offices this excess space often results in a plethora of filing cabinets, storage boxes and other storage containers placed in areas that could easily be used for other aspects of your business.

Self Storage and Business Records

If you are active in one of the many regulated businesses that has a policy on records retention, self storage might be just what you're looking for to store your archived records. For those in the mortgage business, you may find that you're handling one hundred or more loan applications on a monthly basis, many of which are never approved for funding, and yet the banking commission requires that those records be retained for upwards of seven years for legal reasons. You typically do not need to access these records unless the banking commission requires you to produce them for an audit, but you still cannot destroy them. A typical mortgage application can be as many as one hundred pages of documentation including photographs, sensitive personal information and legal information. Unfortunately, office space today is extremely expensive and can often run upwards of $1500 per month. Your option of course would be a self storage facility with specifically designed temperature controlled units to allow you to safely store documents and protect them as well.

Other Business Benefits of Having a Self Storage Unit

Businesses that have heavy paper work requirements might not be the only business entities that can benefit from self storage and mini storage facilities. Stop and consider small stores that may need to have a location to store paper goods, dry goods and other information to help run their businesses. Sales companies often have to deal with a cumbersome amount of sales material, samples and even additional equipment that might not be used year round but need to be kept on hand for future use.

With high rental costs, electricity bills and heating bills growing more out of control every year, self storage can help you maintain all of your additional business documentation, supplies and even equipment in a protected, secure environment that can help you save money and still allow you regular access to your items.

Save Your Business Money With Self Storage

If you're one of the thousands of business owners who are paying high rates for storage of records, archiving of records, equipment storage and more, you may want to look into a self storage or a mini storage facility to help meet your needs. While we all recognize the need to protect ourselves and our clients by maintaining records, there is no need to pay ever increasing rental rates for office space when self storage or mini storage facilities can help us easily meet our obligations and still save money. Businesses may save even more money by going with an older self storage facility.