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Older Self Storage Facility For those storing less valuable property, businesses storing unused items or students storing things, older self storage facilities may be more efficient than newer self storage facilities. While they do not offer the same security options as many more expensive mini storages, they are often much more efficient for those with a small self storage budget. Before choosing an older self storage facility, however, the customer should visit the facility and ascertain for himself or herself as to the effectiveness of the present security (or lack thereof) and weigh it against the value of the property to be stored therein.

Who Should Consider an Older Mini Storage Facility?

Those storing large, heavy, and/or bulky items, parents storing a student's belongings while he/she attends school, those storing for short periods of time, or customers wishing to store less valuable property should consider choosing an older self storage facility. They come in a variety of sizes usually, and still offer padlocks or disc locks in order to secure the unit, and many have motion-activated floodlights to alert patrolling police or on-site managers in case of potential break-ins at night. This is especially important for those wishing to store large furniture items, since many of these units are stacked and would require the use of a forklift in order to access.

Older Self Storages Make Sense For Some Businesses

Businesses storing things such as unused equipment or equipment that no longer works, season-related items and decorations, unneeded equipment waiting to be moved to other locations or sold and other items may find older self storage and mini storage facilities beneficial. These businesses often have smaller self storage budgets, and the lack of space can become a serious issue for small businesses. Again, while security is more lax in these facilities, the difficult access to some units can sometimes be an effective deterrent. Want more information? Check out our article all about self storage and your business.

Old Mini Storages Make Sense For Students

Students storing furniture, appliances, and other belongings while between dwellings, on summer break or extended holidays, or in dorm rooms should consider the same type of self storage option. They often have little or no money to pay for larger rooms or more costly self storage facilities, and mini storages that are more modernized have price tags to match. These items may not be as valuable (in monetary units) as other property, and storing in an older facility may prove much more cost-efficient while being secure enough for temporary or long-term storage. Want more information? Check out our article all about students and self storage.

Security Vs. Budget

Overall, while older self storage and mini storage facilities may not be the most secure option, they are often the most cost-efficient. Being the cheapest option is not always a bad thing, and can be a deciding factor for those with small budgets for self storages or looking to store less valuable items, or for those wishing to store bulky items for shorter time frames than would require in-depth and constant security.

If you're in need of storage space for items that might not require heavy security, constant monitoring or those items which are being stored for very short times you may want to consider one of the less expensive options that are available to you in older self storage facilities. Before you make a decision with your pocketbook make sure you learn all you can about the facility and make sure that you fully understand the risks that might be inherent in an older facility.