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Colorful Self Storage Facility Whether you have a vast collection of paperback books or some valuable hardback books that you're planning on putting into storage, you must ensure that they are packed away safely to ensure that they will not be damaged while they are stored in your mini storage unit.

Prevent Moisture Damage On Your Books

First thing you must do is ensure the self storage facility is temperature controlled to guarantee that your books are not subjected to significant temperature changes which can result in moisture forming in your self storage container. Book damage as a result of mold and other damage may occur if you fail to store books correctly. Any damage that is caused to a book can result in the book coming out of a self storage facility and immediately thrown away as a result of temperature conditions which have caused the book to deteriorate.

Packing Your Books Before Storing In Your Mini Storage

When you are packing books for storage in a self storage facility it is important that you take the time to carefully wipe all dust and dirt off your books with a soft cloth. Packing books that have buildups of dust and grime can cause the books to deteriorate when they are not being moved around and have access to air that can blow dirt, dust and other foreign matters off the book jacket. When cleaning your books off check the pages for bookmarks, pressed flowers or other foreign objects which can deteriorate in self storage resulting in damage to your book.

Store Your Books Only With Other Books

While it may seem easy to store books because they're "squared" off and make great filler, if you're storing them for long periods of time it is highly recommended that you store books with only other books reducing the possibility of damage from other items that might be stored with them. You will want to seriously consider packing books in categorized high quality cardboard boxes, making sure you don't put too many books in a box resulting in the box being too heavy to move. If you have made a decision to pack your book collection in plastic bins, make sure you purchase high quality, sturdy bins to further protect your books.

Some More Self Storage Tips For Books

You should never store books standing up. They should always be laid down and if possible you should make a sturdy cover for each hardback book from materials such as Mylar which can be purchased at many party shops or other local stores. Protect your books from damage by protecting them when you are packing them to be placed in self storage.

Regularly Check Your Unit To Make Sure Everything Is Ok

One of the downsides of packing books into your self storage facility is the possibility of damage to the books. You will want to carefully consider making regular visits to your self storage facility to check on the boxes you've placed into your self storage unit for water damage, warping (indicating moisture) and other tell tale signs of damage.


Make sure you carefully review your storage needs when you're selecting a self storage facility. This will help ensure that your book collection as well as other items that you place in storage are well protected. When storing books, it's particularly advised that you organize your self storage unit thoughtfully. Good luck!