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Organized Self Storage Units Organizing your home or your self storage unit is a job in of itself! There are a lot of things to take into consideration when putting items in storage, and they all begin with having a good organization plan before you begin storing any items. First and foremost you're going to want to consider what items you're storing, why you're storing them and whether or not you're going to need access to the items while they're stored.

Organizing Furniture In Your Self Storage

Clearly, if you're mainly storing furniture this isn't a huge consideration initially, but the thing to consider is how they're going to come out of storage (versus how they're going in). First, let's discuss storing furniture and how you might need it to come out of your self storage unit. If you're storing a lot of furniture, there are certain "rooms" of furniture that need to be more accessible than others! If you're going to be moving your furniture out of self storage, there are rooms that come into play sooner than others, for instance your bedroom furniture is going to be key as you'll need someplace to sleep the very same day you're unloading your self storage unit! It might be easier to move larger pieces (like sofas and living room chairs) last when you're packing your self storage unit, but it's not going to be terribly helpful to you if you've got a lot of items in storage and you're taking a methodical approach to unpacking.

A Mini Storage Unit Organization Case Study

Let's use a specific scenario - you're moving out of an apartment and you have decided to put all of your items into self storage while you stay with a family member or with friends - and you know this is a temporary situation.

Store Your Clothing So It's Easy To Access

Now you're putting your items into self storage and you have to decide how to store them so you're going to have the easiest time retrieving items you're going to need when you move out of a shared living situation into a single living situation again. First off you need to consider your clothing - if you're storing "off season" clothing along with your furniture you definitely need to have your clothing readily accessible because you may find that the seasons change while you're still in a shared living situation. If you store them into the rear of a self storage facility you're going to have to unload the entire container to access your clothes which simply isn't practical from a time standpoint.

Store Your Bedroom Furniture Near The Door Of Your Unit

So let's discuss furniture placement in a self storage facility. It stands to reason that regardless of what type of a living arrangement you enter into you're going to need ready access to your bedroom furniture. Kitchen furniture, office furniture, living room furniture and dining room furniture needs vary from person to person but bedroom furniture is required for you to simply function to be able to get up in the morning and go to work! When you're storing your furniture in a self storage facility it's critical that you plan carefully what access you're going to need to your belongings and store them accordingly.

Clearly Label Your Boxes and Containers Inside Your Mini Storage

Make a list - keep track of what you're storing and how you're storing them. Whether you store in plastic containers, boxes or in other forms of storage be certain that all of your containers are clearly labeled with their contents so that you'll know exactly how to find what you're looking for and that you've stored them in a logical order inside your self storage containers!