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Mini Storage Drive Up Facility Fortunately self storage facilities offer you the ability to store nearly everything! From experience I can tell you that there are definitely some things you do not want to store (and in fact some of those things most self storage contracts forbid).

What Not To Store In Your Mini Storage Unit

You definitely need to take a common sense approach to what you're going to store. Regardless of how secure a facility might be you do not want to store valuable jewelry for instance.

You Should Never Under Any Circumstances Store Any of The Following:

Combustible Materials - Everything from aerosol cans to paint and paint thinners are definitely items to be left off your storage list! The last thing you want is to be responsible for a fire!

Living Things - Now this might sound like common sense but there have been stories of people who have stored plants and unfortunately even pets. Even plants that may be hardy enough to live in a dry environment shouldn't be stored as they do invite pests along with them!

Food - Another thing that you'd thing was common sense but I can tell you from experience that over sized containers of foods that are often used in fairs and carnivals might find their way into a storage container or self storage unit. Canned goods might be fine but remember that anything that will attract mice or bugs is off limits in your self storage facility.

Weapons - Handguns, rifles may be prohibited from being put a self storage facility. Check with the facility before storing any weapons and if they do allow storage find out what their safety requirements are.

Fragrance and Perfume - Since often these are in bottles that can be easily broken they can create an unbearable odor at the storage facility and often are prohibited by contract to not be stored. Imagine if twelve self storage containers had a dozen varieties of fragrance break the unbearable odor that would be created!

Aerosols - While this may seem fairly innocuous to most of us (after all hair spray, deodorant and many cleaners come in aerosol form) they should never be stored in any type of a self storage unit as the containers can rupture or burst and cause damage to your other property.

Hazardous Materials - This may seem like common sense to many, but too often we don't carefully think about what is really hazardous. Items like fertilizer, nail polish, nail polish remover and many other common household chemicals are in fact very hazardous and shouldn't be stored.

Check With Your Self Storage Facility

You should check with your self storage facility to see what shouldn't be stored in your containers but as a rule of thumb you can discount storing food, cleaning products, personal care products and paint and other building material fluids. If you're storing items that have been in large containers or boxes for extended periods of time you will want to sort through them before placing them in storage and make sure that the items that are in them are safe to be placed in a self storage facility before doing so.


Much of what you cannot store in self storage facilities is easy to figure out if you just apply a little bit of common sense and think about the damage that something could cause if it's broken.