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Self Storage With Blue Door I'm a huge proponent of self storage! Heck, I created an entire site just to share my enthusiasm for the self storage industry. However, there are sometimes great alternatives to self storage. Let's face it, we're in a rough economy. People need to save money. Self storage is a great investment in my opinion but sometimes there may be great alternatives that you will want to consider, especially through the lens of saving some money.

Self Storage Or Get Rid of Stuff?

One of the easy alternatives to self storage is simply getting rid of your stuff. It's amazing! As a culture, we have a propensity to keep our old stuff. We'll sometimes store it away for years and years never to use it again. If you're storing something that will never be used again, you will want to strongly consider getting rid of it (or donating it for a tax write off). Interested in more? We've written an entire article on self storage vs. getting rid of stuff.

Organize Your Life

Another great alternative to self storage is great organization. I have amazed myself over and over again with my ability to pack stuff in as I get more organized and invest more time. You probably already have a lot more space than you think in your home and garage. Take some time, install some more shelves, make a weekend of it. Your ability to organize your life and "pack stuff in" could save you hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars in self storage fees. Similarly, if you still need a mini storage unit, make sure to organize it well. Read our tips all about organizing your self storage unit.

Store Your Stuff At a Friend's House

Another great alternative to mini storage: Ask your friends if they have extra space. Ask you parents if they have extra space. You can often strike a deal with them. Perhaps you will take them to dinner once a month for free if they allow you to store some stuff in their extra space. People are amazingly flexible if you're nice. This is a great way to save some money!

Contact Your HOA For Self Storage Options

Do you live in a condo, townhouse, or single family house that has an HOA (homeowner's association)? If so, contact them and see if there are any storage lockers for rent. You'd be amazed how many HOA's have some extra space for rent. In the garage where we live (a condo), they have what's called "the best deal in town." Basically, great storage lockers for a very nominal price. This is a creative way to store your stuff (closer to home) for a great price.