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Internet URL Bar Research Many people use the Internet to find the correct self storage unit for their needs. Whether the researcher intends to locate general information about a self storage company, a facility in particular, information about climate-controlled units in a particular or general area, self storages that allow a business to be run from a unit, facilities that offer multiple sizes of units, or those that have particular desired amenities, the Internet has many pages of information available. Sometimes it can be difficult to narrow down a search, so researchers should try to have as much detailed information as is feasible before beginning the search.

Locating Information About A Specific Self Storage Facility

Locating general information about a particular mini storage facility is perhaps the easiest and fastest step to accomplish. You can usually type in a URL that includes a particular self storage's name to find information about that company, or you can enter the name of the company in any search engine such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, or other search engine. To compare companies, check the yellow pages (the online version or the standard phone book version) for local companies and look at multiple websites. This option makes it easy to compare pricing, security, location, and other important amenities. The consumer can then call ahead for information not listed on the website or to tour the self storage facility.

Researching Climate Controlled Mini Storage Facilities In Your Area

Finding information about self storages that offer climate controlled units in your area or in general can be a bit more tricky, but often boils down to simply entering the correct information into the search engine. However, some mini storages offer climate-controlled units in large areas but not in small areas, and one facility may have amenities that another facility in the same city does not have. Always compare the actual facility to what you are looking for before you assume that because one has what you are looking for, another self storage will have the same extras. Usually the self storage website will have this information about the particular city and state the consumer is inquiring about.

Researching Storage Facilities That Allow You To Run A Business From Your Unit

Some self storages allow a business to be run directly from a unit. This saves money for those storing their valuables in their garage and looks more professional in the end. This option can be difficult to find self storages to accommodate. Many mini storage websites will indicate whether this is allowed, and will offer additional assistance if it is allowed. Additional assistance can include options such as parking for the customers of the small business, extra security for the unit, additional storage space, and any extra fees associated with this service.

Use Internet Research To Help You Find The Right Size Unit

Customers request different sizes of self storage units depending upon their particular storage needs. Self storages normally offer a multitude of sizes accordingly, from closet-sized units to self storages large enough to hold vehicles or boats. The Internet can be used to find locations that offer a desired size of mini storage unit or facility. The consumer can then phone or click (in some cases) to check availability of the mini storage size.

Researching Security and Other Mini Storage Amenities

Other customers require additional amenities in a self storage. Certain self storage security options, such as cameras, motion detectors, gated entrances, alarms, or motion-sensitive lighting, are desired in a mini storage facility. These options can be found on the company's website usually. Other optional amenities include parking availability, on-site manager or other contact person, availability of assistance for carrying large, heavy, or bulky items, and more. Once again, a mini storage facility's website will usually have this information. If not, there is usually a way to contact someone that represents the facility for more information (normally either an email address or phone number).


The Internet is a valuable tool for finding self storage information. Whether a customer is seeking information about any service, extra, or fee, the question can usually be answered via a company's website or another type of online representative. Search engines are a popular method of locating this information, and this saves time and money for those seeking to store valuables quickly and efficiently.