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Moving Stuff To Self Storage Now that you have decided on a self storage facility, the problem becomes how to get your valuables from point A to point B safely and efficiently. While those with small amounts of valuables that own trucks are in the clear, those without trucks or with heavy, bulky, or large items may require some sort of assistance. Mini storage facilities sometimes have options for help, but the smaller companies will probably not make this offer. Other self storages offer delivery and pickup options. There are many options available in this regard, and each has benefits and drawbacks. Not all methods will apply to everyone, and different locations may offer more or less of these types of options, especially larger or smaller cities.

Move Into Your Self Storage - Borrow A Truck

The first option is to borrow a truck from friends or family. Whether bumming a ride for your valuables or doing the work with a loaned vehicle, this can often be the easiest option. Not everyone has friends or family willing to loan a vehicle, however. For those who do, consider offering the loaner a tank (or partial tank) of gas or a free meal. Prizes like this can often work wonders on those reluctant to do a favor. If you are requesting the back (and arms) of the person doing the loaning or someone else, consider making it a homemade meal whenever possible.

Transport Your Stuff To Self Storage With A Rental Truck

Another option is a rental truck or van. Depending on the size and amount of the valuables being stored in self storage, a full-size truck is sometimes all that is needed and many car rental agencies offer inexpensive local daily rentals. If a larger truck is needed, agencies such as Budget and U-Haul are also available. Many of these companies require a reservation for large trucks or long-distance hauling, but most of the smaller trucks are inexpensive and do not require a reservation. Be prepared to provide gas for these vehicles, however. With the rising cost of gas, this option may be best left as a last resort unless the customer has a coupon or discount on the rental vehicle. Some self storage facilities or mini storages offer rental vehicles either for a price or at a discount when customers sign a lease agreement.

Some Self Storages Offer A Free Moving Truck

A third option is to check with your self storage facility. A few offer free moving truck, or delivery/pickup locally. Many also have staff on-site to help with loading or unloading of vehicles. Self storage facilities can vary by location, so it is often easiest to call the local branch. A branch in a large city may offer amenities that a branch of the same brand in a small town does not offer.

Self Storage That Transports Your Items For You

Finally, the PODs option is available. This new type of self storage is quickly becoming a popular solution to the transportation problem. PODs are large units (and can vary by size) that are brought to the customer's home or business to be loaded. Some PODs are then left at that location in a safe place for easy access. Others are delivered to indoor or outdoor locations for safekeeping. PODs self storage facilities are usually very secure and offer twenty-four hour surveillance and alarms on the mini storages. They are very popular especially among businesses.