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Self Storage Moving Van Depending on what you're storing you're going to need space that you might not even think about right now. You need to carefully evaluate the items that you're putting into storage before you can make a final decision on how much space you're going to need.

Keep a List of Items Going Into Your Self Storage

Making an inventory of items that you intend to put in storage allows you to not only keep an accurate record of what you have put into self storage or mini storage but also allows you to carefully evaluate the amount of space that you might need.

Let's do some actual space requirements:

Storing Documents and Forms in Boxes - Room For Growth

Clearly if you are storing documents in boxes then your storage needs are going to strictly depend on the number of boxes that you wind up packing. Your storage needs will heavily depend as well on how many documents you foresee adding to your mini storage or self storage facility. Since moving items from one unit to another is time consuming and awkward you'll need to carefully assess your longer term storage needs when deciding how much space you need.

Short Term Storage of Furniture and Household Items - Special Size Requirements

If you're between homes you may find a need to store your entire household. In this case you're going to need to ensure that your self storage facility or mini storage facility is wide enough and tall enough to store such items as beds, sofas and desks (assembled or unassembled) so that you don't have to struggle to get items into the self storage unit.

Storage of Other Personal Items

If you're storing non furniture items such as wall pictures, knick knacks, awards and trophies or other items that are not necessarily bulky but that you require regular access to, you will want to take this into consideration when you are deciding what size self storage container you're going to rent. If you need regular access to these items you're going to need a self storage container that allows you easy access to items that you may have stored in boxes or other suitable containers allowing you to sort through the contents when needed.

Ways To Project How Much Storage Space You Will Need

There are a variety of ways you can determine the size of the self storage facility that you're going to need for what you're storing. You can measure the largest item you're going to store and determine the smallest size unit you can take, you can store all of your items in your home in one room and see how much room they take up and rent your mini storage unit accordingly or you can speak with a specialist at the self storage facility to find out what size they recommend for your particular storage needs.

Get A Little Extra Storage Space To Prevent Issues

Whether you are storing a few personal items or a houseful of items, your self storage facility staff should be able to help you determine which size unit is most suitable for your needs. While you don't want to spend more money than needed for your self storage or mini storage needs, you don't want to get part of the way through storing only to find out that you've underestimated your storage needs and wind up having to rent additional space or worse yet, moving items that you've already stored once.


Be a smart shopper and make sure that you're renting space that is suitable for your needs without being too large or too small. Self storage and mini storage facilities are very convenient but if they are not suitable for your needs you can find yourself spending more money than you had intended to pay for your storage. As a closing tip, you can organize your self storage well and save some space!