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Large Outdoor Self Storage Facility Most of us automatically assume that a self storage or a mini storage facility is free from bugs and other rodents. We also assume that our self storage or mini storage facility is going to be protected from water damage, elements and other environmental concerns. Do not make this assumption!

Check For Bugs and Rodents When Viewing Storage Lockers

When you're investigating self storage and mini storage facilities, don't get talked into viewing only units that have items already stored in them. Ask to see multiple empty units and check for signs of bug or rodent infestations while you're looking at them.

Some Storage Facilities Are Temperature Controlled

Another possible consideration is the temperature of the storage facility. Some self storage and mini storage facilities do advertise that they are temperature controlled (hot or cold) and this can play a significant factor in your decision especially if you are storing papers, photographs or other items that can be damaged by dampness, humidity or severe temperature swings.

Ask Questions When Checking Out The Self Storage Facility

Don't hesitate to ask your self storage or mini storage provider what measures they take to prevent bug or critter infestations. Regardless of how well they might believe they are protected, sometimes severely dry weather, severely wet weather or other weather conditions can impact the environment of all self storage and mini storage facilities. The construction of the facility will also impact the protection that the facility needs. Metal containers might require less pest control than a wooden environment.

You need to carefully evaluate the risks of various types of bugs such as ants, moths and even flies in a self storage facility. Each of them can cause damage to property. If your storage facility is primarily wood, you may also need to be concerned with termite damage to the unit itself. Discuss your concerns with the manager or owner of the self storage or mini storage facility before you sign a self storage contract. Once you've signed a contract you may have time limitations to back out of the contract.

Special Considerations When Storing Documents

If you're storing papers and other documents, you have an entirely different set of concerns that might not be similar to those who are storing boxes of personal belongings. Paper needs to be in a temperature controlled environment that will prevent the paper from water damage, from curling and even from damaging the print on those documents. Your self storage facility needs to be carefully controlled in terms of temperature and humidity levels.

When you are shopping for self storage or mini storage facilities, discuss all of the environmental concerns with the owner or manager of the self storage or mini storage facility. Understanding what the environmental risks are before you rent a unit will help you take the steps necessary to protect yourself. In addition, you should inquire as to what does happen in the event of an unforeseen environmental issue.

Protecting Your Belongings In Mini Storage

You can protect your clothing by placing mothballs, cedar chips or even bars of soap, but protecting your furniture or papers is an entirely different issue that must be seen to by the owner or manager of the facility. If you're not comfortable with the environmental protection methods used by the owner or manager of the self storage or mini storage facility you might be better off investigating other options.