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Self Storage Boxes With Mouse Self storage or mini storage contracts are designed to protect the owner of the self storage facility as well as you. Before you sign the contract you will need to carefully review each clause (and even the fine print) before you fully understand not only your rights and obligations but also the facilities rights and obligations.

Understand The Self Storage Contract You're Signing

Contracts are never easy to review and you often feel pressured to get them signed and get the deal closed. But, before you rush to sign your self storage contract you want to make sure that you understand what you're signing. You should carefully review for the following items:

What Access Do Employees of The Self Storage Facility Have To Your Belongings?

Most self storage facilities limit access to your belongings to you or your designated person. Employees of the self storage facility typically can only access your self storage unit if you fail to make a payment or in the event of an emergency.

Can The Self Storage Owner Move Your Property From One Location To Another?

While typically this cannot be done, you may discover that your belongings are moved from one location and placed in a different location. This practice should be covered in your contract and should specifically state reasons for these types of moves. It is strictly prohibited in most states for a self storage owner to move your property purely for the reasons of offering your space to another customer. Infestations of bugs or varmints, failure of temperature controls, fire or other events may allow this access.

Read Your Self Storage Contract For Additional Charges

Before you sign a contract find out what additional charges you might be facing due to mail delay in your payments, required insurance payments, access charges or other additional charges which you may find only in the self storage contract. Carefully review all policies of the self storage company before you sign the contract and make sure you're not paying additional fees for special services that you might not even require.

Your Access To The Facility

Your self storage or mini storage contract should carefully lay out any access issues that you might encounter. You will want to review for times when you may not have access to your unit, restrictions on who may access your unit and also any charges that may be incurred if you need access. You will also want to determine from your contract if you need to contact the self storage facility prior to accessing your unit. Also, you may wish to check out our article about gaining access to your self storage unit.

Self Storage Insurance

Your contract will be the key to understanding the insurance requirements of the self storage facility as well as any insurance that the self storage facility might supply to you. If you do not see anything in the contract about insurance, be sure to find out and get in writing any insurance that might be in place to protect you. For more information, you may wish to check out our article about self storage insurance.

Non Payment Clauses

We all have things occur that can impact our ability to make payments on our self storage units. Find out what your rights and responsibilities are in regards to all payments on your self storage and mini storage units. You will want a clear understanding of late payments, multiple missed payments and other events that can impact your storage. Payment methods that are acceptable to the self storage facility should also be clearly laid out in your contract. If they are not please be sure to get them in writing before signing a contract!

Mini Storage Locks

Some self storage facilities allow you to purchase and place your own locks on units that you're renting while others require that you purchase or rent specially designed locks from them. When reviewing your contract be sure to check carefully for clauses that might relate to security of your individual self storage or mini storage unit.

Length of Storage Unit Lease

Since you're renting a unit you may find that you have a minimum or maximum time that you are allowed to hold the lease. Typically self storage facilities do not have maximum time that you can store your items but they may have minimums. Be certain to carefully check your contract for any such limitations.


Self storage contracts like any other type of contract need to be completely reviewed before signing. You don't want to sign a contract only to discover after the fact that you failed to notice some very important clause that can limit your access, result in excess costs or not protect you in the event of damage to your property. Smart shopping will help you get the most out of your self storage.